The Furness Way

A Walker’s Journal by Anthony Linick

On our descent to the Duddon Valley

On our descent to the Duddon Valley


The Furness Way can be considered the first of a trilogy of Lake District walks, which, together, invite a complete circuit of the famous region. Paul Hannon gets the credit for devising these routes and updated versions of his guidebooks are still available. When we began our adventures in 1994 we started in Arnside and after 75 miles we had reached Ravenglass – pursuing an east to west route along the southern margins of Lakeland. Part II is called the Cumberland Way and leaves Ravenglass to cross the heart of the Lake District (and beyond) in a generally north-easterly direction as far as Appleby. Part III, the Westmoreland Way, returns to the center of the action once again, following a mostly southerly line to reach the starting point of the whole venture in Arnside. Accounts of our progress along the latter two routes can be found elsewhere on this website. If you are new to the walking enterprise and need some help in preparing for such a venture you may want to check out my A Walker’s Alphabet: Adventures on the long-distance footpaths of Great Britain. This can be obtained directly from my publisher at or or from or

In addition to supplying yourself with the appropriate guidebook you may wish to utilize the relevant Ordnance Survey maps for this region: Explorer 296, Outdoor Leisure Sheets 6 and 7. Today your Internet research will soon allow you to discover that there is professional assistance in organizing your walk on the Furness Way (accommodation, baggage transfer); back in 1994 we had to do all of our own bookings and carry full backpacks. You can always let me know how about your own experiences on the route by leaving a message on the Contact Page.

Whenever possible I like to get in some walking on both arrival and departure days – which may explain why we needed seven days to complete the route.

Day 1: Arnside to Milnthorpe ­– 5 miles

Day 2: Milnthorpe to Crosthwaite – 10 miles

Day 3: Crosthwaite to Cartmel – 13 miles

Day 4: Cartmel to Lowick – 13 miles

Day 5: Lowick to Coniston – 11.5 miles

Day 6: Coniston to Boot – 13 miles

Day 7: Boot to Ravenglass – 9.5 miles